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24th July 2021 
Specialist Treatments. Sperm

Areas of Expertise

Since qualifying as a reflexologist in 2008 i have had the privilege of working with many couples on their journey to becoming parents with the assistance of reflexology.

At first i was offering a general reflexology service, however over time I found more and more clients coming to me with fertility issues.

This treatment may provide assistance for women who are finding it difficult to conceive or who are planning a pregnancy or at any other stage of pregnancy.
This is an area I have studied with great interest and have supported many clients through their IVF journey.
The treatment focuses on the endocrine system allowing the correct balance of hormones in the body.
As part of the treatment plan we will together look at nutrition, vitamins and lifestyle changes to gain a better holistic approach.
This treatment plan can continue after the birth and may help to stimulate breast milk and re-balance hormones helping to avoid post natal depression.

I have also gained additional training in the following areas;

Spinal Reflexology
This type of treatment is based on stimulating the spinal reflexes on the feet and aims to identify nerve roots out of balance.
A nerve root exits through the vertebrae to reach specific organs and muscles.
By using spinal reflexology we aim to identify which organs are not functioning correctly.
Conversely, back problems can inhibit the proper functioning of the organs.

Hand reflexology
is an alternative treatment to foot reflexology. Not all clients are able to have pressure applied to their feet. This treatment may be suitable for those suffering from spine or joint pain, insomnia, or stress and anxiety. Hand reflexology is more suited to the elderly.